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On Saturday, September 26th, 2020

from 12pm - 1pm

All Saints Church Community Centre 

is hosting 

We Are All Saints – a virtual community recognition event to applaud and appreciate the incredible commitment and work of the staff, volunteers, local partners and others during the challenges and uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Join us for an afternoon filled with moving moments of gratitude from our community, staff and board members. 
We are excited to be joined in celebration with musical performances by friends of the community, Thomas McCallum and Liz Lokre

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An erstwhile resident of rural Nova Scotia, musician Thomas McCallum currently hangs his hat in Toronto. Each year he returns to the community where his family has lived for over 200 years to host the Six Mile Brook Folk Festival. He released “Crocus Song” in 2014, and a 2017 two-song EP with his group, Transfiguration Day.

"He harnesses the melodic power of harmonica like Neil Young, and explodes into careful crescendos with understated beauty like Bill Callahan. ." – Johnny Bolduc, EAST COAST POST

Liz Lokre (pronounced lock-ree) is a singer-songwriter / multi instrumentalist from Toronto. At a young age, Liz gravitated towards the powerful female voices of Sade and Alicia Keys. Together with producer & guitarist Adrian X, she draws on her love of R&B and international pop elements to create a sound that features Liz's soaring vocals over standout productions. Liz's message speaks to unify and uplift listeners. With over 1 million streams on Spotify, her own ascent is clearly on the path ahead of her.


Staff and volunteers help support people experiencing homelessness during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

All Saints’ mission is rooted in the church’s tradition of love in action (1 John 3.18). We run a drop-in, meal program and harm reduction program for some of Toronto’s most economically disenfranchised people: people who struggle with homelessness, mental illness, addiction, and other challenges.

We provide food, clothing, harm reduction kits, nursing care, case management, housing support, spiritual and pastoral care, and a sense of community.

We foster a non-judgmental atmosphere by respecting the people we serve, recognizing there are many reasons for why they live as they do, and acknowledging the discrimination and prejudice faced by so many.

We are a diverse community and aim to be inclusive, healthy, and safe.


“The way I see it: what you give to All Saints really goes to the people – food, clothing, and money to keep the place running.”  

– David

“It was the luckiest day of my life when I moved

into All Saints.”

– Janet

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